No-BS Jobs in our Organization

All Jobs are Remote
(work from anywhere you want, any time you want, just get out the results)
All Jobs are Open Worldwide
(except comprehensively sanctioned countries)
All Jobs are Result-focused
(no useless meetings, no appearance-creating activities, focus ONLY on production output)
Business Owner Personally Watches
(this is a small boutique owner-managed organization with very high standards of quality and tight enforcement)
All Jobs are Very Difficult and Challenging
(you will likely work harder than ever, and learn more than in any job before that)
Promotion for Results
(if you produce results exceptionally well and at a high rate, you will be promoted and your pay will be gradually increased at a substantial rate)
Expulsion for Non-Results
(we are unable to carry deadweight, 
if you don't produce results you will be summarily fired)

Currently Open Positions

Software Design Engineer
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CRM Administrator
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