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Find Out How To Save $5-50K/Month By Eliminating Costly Admin Labor And Ending Frequent Errors In Day-to-Day Operations...

NEXT STEP: Find Out How To Add $5-50K/Month To Your Bottom Line By Eliminating Costly Admin Labor And Optimizing Your Day-to-Day Operations...

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Our $500

We'll pay you $500 if you go through the process and think this was a waste of time. 

How It Works

You fill out the booking form - this allows us to be well prepared for our call.

30 Minute Call

We have a 30 minute fit determination call - this allows us to make sure that your business is in the position where you practically can get $5-50K per month worth of efficiency savings within 3-7 months - if your business isn't in such position, we will not continue beyond this, as we deeply value your time and results.

2 Hour Deep Dive

We prepare for and run a 2 hour deep dive session with you to examine your operations in further detail. We then internally assess your situation and prepare the best fit bespoke roadmap to start producing efficiency savings for you and develop a thorough written report outlining it.

Roadmap Walkthrough

We hold another 1.5 hour meeting with you where we present to you our roadmap for success and discuss your thoughts and opinions on it.

You Then Have 3 Options:



You can take the assessment report with the roadmap and go out and use it yourself.



You can refuse receiving the report and get $500 compensation if you think your time was wasted.



 If we invite you, you can become our client and we will carry out and implement the roadmap for you. 

If we fail to accomplish the expected results you will be entitled to your full money back.

"Mike and his team have provided me with incredible automation systems that substantially improved the way I run my business, saving me labour, previously wasted money, and giving me the ability to grow faster and more profitably."

Michael Kocsis
Balance My Hormones

"Mike and his team have made and put in place purpose made systems that have enabled much better structured and largely automated business administration in my company."

Sean Turner
Buffer Insurance

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